I’m a student living between Montreal, New York, and now Lyon, France, and I see the world through squash-coloured glasses.  I’ve gone through a carnival of food styles and patterns – trying some things, inventing most things and liking everything but raw onions (but that’s a family tradition, so that’s another story). Now I’m slowly figuring out what makes me tick – new whisks, metal bowls, and a mason jar present of something warm and spread-y for the people I love.

At home in Montreal, where I live and study for most of the year and have lately been hopping from apartment to apartment, I’d become a big fan of making my own – well, everything, starting from the easy stuff- granola, all sorts of breakfast breads, all kinds of squash, jams, yogurt, tea,  nut butters and any kind of nut milk you can dream of, baby.

Now I’ve moved again for half a year, given away most of my belongings or tucked them away in my mom’s home in Manhattan (as if they have room.. thanks!) and forsaken my staples of banana-beet-smoothies, buckwheat breakfast cookies, kale-millet-avocado rice wraps and my trusty secondhand yogurt incubator for an open mind, a fresh clean palate and all the time in the world to write all of it down.

I’ve got all the love in the world holding me in this city for now, and I’m fascinated by how different the food culture is between Americans, Canadians, and the French. So what am I doing here?

Well, I want to learn to make brioche. I also want to make my grandaddy’s Alabama ribs one day and grow all my veg when I move somewhere real, but for now I’m learning about the secrets to pâté en croûte, frangipane, ratatouille and creamy French milk. Sometimes it’s hard to choose a tiny way to remember the wonderful things that unfold in a new place, and so I’ve decided that I’m finally taking my fascination, my open mind and my ultra-tiny French apartment semi-kitchen to bigger places so that I can share with you how I’m seeing my new surroundings through how I’m seeing food. It’s for me, but that means it’s made for you first and all I’m gonna take are the end pieces and sneaky bites when you close your eyes and say ‘MMM yum.’ Enjoy it!


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