I went away this weekend

That was pretty great.DSC_0786

I’m back from a long weekend in Barcelona, back to a place that I just learned how to leave- it feels like coming home. I’m sitting on my bed eating buckwheat porridge with sweet potatoes and golden raisins, drinking Lady Gray tea (questionable) and waiting for a movie to finish downloading so that I can curl into more tea and a good movie. Breakfast has looked like this recently:


Or this:


And just once this….


So I couldn’t be happier. Today I unpacked, I cleaned my room, I cleaned the kitchen, I bought groceries, I came home. Dinner full of vegetables and – surprisingly – I made a sauce to make it something special and suddenly realized how perfect olive oil, salt, and a bit of garlic can be. Some lemon juice if it’s Tuesday. I got rid of my sauce, regretted buying nutritional yeast in the first place, and decided that after four days of tons of fruit and fried things and meat things and flan, I am feeling nourished with simple things right now. Just in time for school to start tomorrow and turn me all around all over again. Not a big deal when you’ve been spending hours sitting beneath columns like these….



Or walking aimlessly up mountains, through gardens and cemeteries built into high, thick walls, and ending up here, in the middle of the city (almost)-


Barcelona was full of life and sunshine, jamón ibérico and croquetas, wavy buildings and new friends from all over the place. I spent my days walking the city from top to bottom, left to right and through every winding street of the gothic quarter, resting only in cathedrals or small cafés to close my eyes or write something down. And once in a plot of urban farmland built onto the side of Montjuic-


Things are growing here! Fruit and vegetables were so inexpensive and the fruitas y verdures stores were omnipresent. I stumbled upon this farm one morning and popped in to say hi to the goats, some enormous rabbits, and these deep dark cabbages because everyone was just waking up, too, so we just made giddy duck-sounds at each other until I had to keep walking.


But the best moments were the first breaths of good-morning-in-Barcelona air after waking up, grabbing an orange and floating out into the sunlight. It felt like that beautiful synchronized yawning happy body stretch that I sometimes feel when I’m out very early in New York or in Montreal during the summer time- so quiet, so fresh, all mine. I’m so glad that I went.


One thought on “I went away this weekend

  1. I am so taken by the sense of solitude and peace evident by your writing. I can hear your voice so clearly and wish I could jump on a plane and experience what you’re experiencing. Ahhhh to be Sophie Silkes. And did I mention I adore you? I love your adventuresome spirit sweet niece. Of course ill be glued obsessively to this blog now. So….until mañana…..

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