Welcome to this new kitchen of mine

It’s been grey and cloudy for the past few days, though it’s not rainy, it’s not too cold, and the wind is quiet. It feels paused and I’m taking the opportunity to move around like a little blinking blip on a nice map somewhere- without beautiful weather, I’ve got no qualms about curling in my skylit bed for a long time and drinking cups and cups of tea, reading, then leaving my apartment in the afternoon to mosey, mosey, mosey.

I’m gathering thoughts for what I want to make this week- I want to experiment with our tiny baby easybake-almost oven because it’s pretty underwhelming. I’m almost positive it can’t handle more than, well, toast. Because come on, that’s a toaster! …Right?


That’s my oven friend, over there on the left. Skeptical.

This morning I tried my hand at some popped/toasted millet and was semi-successful – I added it to my muesli box, which swells and sinks daily and is never full of the same things. Here we reserve yogurt and cheese or du fromage blanc for after dinner, and I’m happy about that because it’s the best kind of simple dessert. But I guess old breakfast habits die hard and without a blender, I’ve been eating yogurt and muesli every morning.

Spending the rest of my morning with my little tree, that enormous teacup, and my new pantoufles, which don’t fit. There’s my yoga mat, pretending to be a carpet until someone tells it to cut it out.



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